The pieces of information published on this website are mainly related to gout. Also known as gouty arthritis, gout is one of the many different forms of rheumatic diseases. Usually, women experience rheumatic conditions more often than men, but this is not always the case with regards to gout. Men develop it more frequently as compared to people of the other gender.

Most forms of rheumatic conditions are autoimmune issues. This means the conditions happen as a result of the immune system attacking healthy tissues. On the other hand, gout is no autoimmune disorder in that excess uric acid accumulation in the flowing blood causes it. So, gout comes under the broader category of chronic inflammatory conditions. That said, gout also has something to do with our immune system.

In what way is gout diagnosed? How is it possible for you to treat it? How can you tell apart gout and some other rheumatic disorder? With the articles posted on this site, we have got you covered in regards to all of the above questions. Is there anything else you want to know that is associated with gouty arthritis? If yes, do not hesitate to write to us about that matter.