Overview About Traditional Chinese Medicine For Gout Treatment

Gout Medication
Gout Medication
Gout Treatment
Gout Treatment

When the uric acid levels in the body is superfluous, it results in the formation of gout. This can happen due to habits like excess consumption of foods and beverages that contain purines, not drinking enough water, and genetic predisposition, etc. Most treatments reduce the severity of gout symptoms, which also includes dietary and lifestyle changes. The purpose of this article is to investigate Chinese herbal medicine for treating gout and shared below are details about it.

Chinese Medicine And Gout Treatment

In traditional Chinese medicine, gout belongs to the category of Bi pattern, and the herbal medications used in it are focused on treating Bi patterns. In recent times, the classical herbal formulas of this oriental medical practice are found to be effective in treating the symptoms of gout. The chemicals isolated from the herbs are of low toxicity and have a multi-target effect.

Major Herbs And Their Ingredient Chemicals In Chinese Medicine Used For Treating Gout

  • Cortex Phellodendri Amurensis: Berberine, phellodendrine, magnoflorine
  • Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae: Beta-ecdysterone, ginsenoside-Ro, achyranthoside I
  • Rhizoma Atractyloids Lancea: Atractylon, beta-eudesmol, hinesol
  • Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae: Astilbin, isoastilbin, smitilbin
  • Ramulus Cinnamomi:Cinnamaldehyde, phenylaldehyde
  • Rhizoma Alismatis:Alisol A24-acetate, alisol B23-acetate
  • Largehead Atractylodes Rhizome:Attractylentriol, hinesol, attractylon
  • Semen Coicis Albais:Coix seed oil, coixenolide

Gout And Bi Patterns

Health issues due to Bi patterns are characterized by numbness, pain, heavy muscles, swelling of joints along with hot sensation, and limited mobility. According to traditional Chinese medicine, external factors like dampness and heat causes acute gout. Also, during its remission, the deficiency of spleen qi and invasion of dampness results in its relapse.

Traditional Chinese Medicine For Gout Treatment And Their Clinical Application

In traditional Chinese medicine, in the earlier stages of Bi pattern, the focus of the therapy is on removing the pathogenic factors like dispersing cold, dispelling wind, eliminating dampness, and clearing heat, etc. For those suffering from Bi patterns for a long time, the pathogenic factors are eliminated along with tonifying kidneys, spleen, liver, and nourishing the blood. Apart from this, for some people, blood stasis and phlegm complicate gout.

Nowadays, classical traditional Chinese medicines are combined with modern drugs to treat acute gout. This is because the side effects are fewer, and the treatments are more effective than conventional treatments. Some of the traditional medicines used are Tongfeng decoction, Jiawei Simiao Powder, and Danxi Tongfeng decoction.

We hope that this article clarified some of your doubts about the use of traditional Chinese medicine for gout treatment.