How To Effectively Control Painful Gout Attacks?

Gout Remedies
Gout Remedies
Gout Remedies
Gout Remedies

Gout attacks are a nightmare for people suffering from this condition, as they will be painful. As gout attacks usually happen at night, they wake people from their sleep and the persistent pain resulting from these attacks will prevent them from falling asleep again. Therefore, this condition often leads to sleep deprivation in people. However, you can control the onset of painful symptoms, with the aid of certain gout remedies. Following are a few such remedies:

Take NSAIDs (But Avoid Aspirin)

Taking some NSAIDs can help reduce the pain and inflammation resulting from this condition to a great extent. You can take medications like naproxen and ibuprofen for controlling the onset of gout symptoms. You can seek the advice of your doctor to know which medication best suits your condition.

Nonetheless, make sure to avoid the use of aspirin, as it can make your condition worse. This medication raises the levels of uric acid in your body thereby augmenting the imminence of gout symptoms. Even though NSAIDs are effective in controlling painful gout attacks, they come with many side effects too. Therefore, they may not be ideal for you to use on a long-term basis.

Take Your Prescription Drugs

Your doctor might have prescribed certain drugs for controlling the symptoms and preventing the further development of this condition. Make sure to take these medications properly without fail, otherwise, it may make your condition worse. Medications like prednisolone, colchicine, etc. will be often prescribed by doctors to control the symptoms associated with this condition. It might be beneficial for you to keep your condition in check and prevent various complications caused by gout.

Apply Ice Pack

This is one of the natural gout remedies for you to try for controlling the pain caused by this condition. Applying an ice pack to the affected joint can provide you temporary relief from the chronic pain caused by gout.

Elevate The Joint

By popping up the joint affected by this condition, it might be possible for you to control the pain to a great extent. For example, you might feel severe pain on the big toe during a gout attack. So keeping this joint elevated using a pillow or chair might help to get some relief from your symptoms.

Stay Hydrated

It is necessary for people who are suffering from this condition to drink plenty of water to flush out the excess amounts of uric acid present in their bodies.

All these remedies can be useful for you to get relief from the onset of gout symptoms.