Is Lemon Juice A Possible Treatment For Gout?

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Gout Treatment
Gout Treatment
Gout Treatment

According to statistics, around 4 % of the population in the United States is suffering from gout. It is a type of inflammatory arthritis that can cause severe pain and stiffness in the joints of the affected person. The main reason for the development of gout is the high uric acid levels in your body. The uric acid will form into sharp crystals and accumulate in your big toe and other joints and cause severe pain, swelling, and tenderness.

It is very important to seek immediate gout treatment because high uric acid levels can cause kidney problems and joint damage. Even though there are gout medications, a carefully planned gout diet will help in lowering the uric acid levels in your body. Health experts often recommend adding lemon juice to your diet. This is mainly because lemon juice offers many health benefits, including alleviating the symptoms of gout and lowering the risk of kidney stones.

Effect Of Lemon Juice on Gout

According to a study conducted in 2017, lemon juice can effectively reduce the uric acid levels in your blood. The study observed people with gout who drank lemon juice daily for six weeks. At the end of the study period, all of them showed a significant improvement in gout symptoms. The uric acid levels in their body were reduced significantly.

Another study looked at the effects of lemon juice on people who have gout, people who have high uric acid levels with no symptoms of gout, and people who are not suffering from gout or high uric acid levels. After the six-week study, all the participants showed lower levels of uric acid in their bodies.

Consuming lemon juice daily will be very beneficial in providing relief from gout in people who have high uric acid levels. Even if you are not suffering from gout, lemon juice can help you to maintain normal uric acid levels.

How Lemon Juice Helps In Maintaining Uric Acid Levels?

Studies have proved that taking lemon juice daily will help to alleviate the symptoms of gout and reduce the uric acid levels in your body. It was found that lemon juice can make your body more alkaline and keep the uric acid levels balanced, which means the intake of lemon juice raises the pH levels of the blood and other body fluids slightly.

It is important to note that no study has found an exact dosage of lemon juice required to lower the uric acid levels. All the studies used different doses of lemon juice to find out its effect.