Take These Herbs To Dissolve Uric Acid

Gout Symptoms
Gout Symptoms
Gout Symptoms
Gout Symptoms

The levels of uric acid in your body increase when you increase the consumption of purine-rich foods. When the uric acid levels in your body increase, it becomes uric acid crystals and get accumulated on the joints, leading to severe pain and inflammation in the joints. This condition is called gout.

It is very essential to manage gout symptoms because it can lead to joint damage or immobility. Gout treatment mainly aims at reducing the levels of uric acid in your body and alleviating the symptoms of gout. These days many people are looking for natural treatment options instead of prescribed medications. Some recent studies are showing that some herbs can help in managing gout by dissolving uric acid.

Here are some of the herbs that can help in dissolving uric acid.

Devil’s Claw

Devil’s claw is a flowering plant that possesses compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. Some recent studies have shown that it can help in reducing the inflammation associated with various types of arthritis, including gout. With the help of the devil’s claw, you can significantly reduce the uric acid levels in your blood. Those who are affected with osteoarthritis these days are also using devil’s claw for managing the condition.

Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts are very rich in several minerals and vitamins and very helpful in reducing the levels of uric acid in your body. Some studies have shown that this herb can help in improving your kidney, bladder, and prostate health. It was found that alfalfa sprouts can help in increasing the pH levels in the blood, which may help in dissolving the uric acid crystals. This is very beneficial in the treatment of gout. Many people these days are including alfalfa sprouts in their salads, sandwich filling, etc.

Burdock Root

This particular herb is often recommended for managing acute gout attacks. Some of the therapeutic properties of burdock root can help in removing the excess uric acid in your body through the urine. Studies have also found that burdock root can help in removing toxins from the body and also reduce inflammation.

Lemon Herbs

Lemon herbs are very high in vitamin C and help in reducing inflammation by increasing calcium carbonate formation in your body. The citric acid present in lemon juice helps in dissolving uric acid crystals and thereby helps in fighting gout.