Ayurvedic Treatments For Gout

Gout Medications
Gout Medications
Gout Medications
Gout Medications

Hyperuricemia, a high concentration of uric acid in the blood, can lead to gout. If not treated properly, gout can lead to severe pain in the joints and result in disability. Most gout medications do not provide effective pain relief and people are now looking for alternative treatment options. Recently, many people with gout are turning towards Ayurveda for gout relief.

Here are some of the ayurvedic treatments that are helpful for managing gout.


Giloy is a natural herb that is very commonly used in ayurvedic medicines. In a study conducted in 2017, it was found that the juice extract from the giloy stem is very effective in the treatment of gout. When you take the juice extract of the stem of giloy, it helps in neutralizing the increased uric acid levels in your body. It was also found that giloy possesses anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that are very beneficial for reducing gout symptoms.


The Sanskrit word triphala means three fruits. This ayurvedic herbal treatment also consists of three fruits, haritaki, amalaki, and bibhitaki. Some recent studies have found that triphala has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in reducing inflammation in people with gout. It is important to note that most of these studies are conducted on animal models and more human studies are essential to conclusively prove triphala as an effective treatment for gout.

Bitter Gourd

This common vegetable is often used in many ayurvedic medicines and is helpful in the treatment of gout. People often drink bitter gourd juice to get its health benefits. Even though there is no clear scientific evidence that suggests eating bitter gourd can help in managing uric acid levels, many people are using it for managing gout.


Neem is one of the most common medicinal plants that is used in ayurvedic medicines. Many studies have proven that neem has anti-inflammatory properties and can alleviate the flare-ups of gout. In ayurvedic treatments, the neem is made into a paste and applied topically on the affected region to reduce inflammation. However, no studies have claimed that neem can lower the uric acid levels in your blood.


Even though turmeric is commonly used as a spice, it offers many health benefits. Many studies have shown that curcumin, a compound that is present in turmeric, can help in alleviating the symptoms of joint arthritis, including gout. in 2013, a study looked at a purified curcumin extract, flexofytol, and found that it can help in reducing inflammation in people suffering from gout.