Can Ginger Alleviate Pain Associated With Gout?

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Ginger is one of the most common spices and for many years people have been using it as an ingredient in traditional and modern medicines. According to numerous studies conducted over the past few decades, it was found that ginger is capable of reducing pain, inflammation, and swelling. All these are the main symptoms of gout, which means ginger can be used for gout treatment.

How Does Ginger Help In Reducing Gout Symptoms?

One thing you should note is that there are only a handful of studies that looked into the effects of ginger on gout patients. Most studies have looked at how ginger or ginger extracts help in reducing pain and inflammation in people suffering from arthritis.

Chronic inflammation is very harmful to your body, however, small levels of inflammation are helpful in allowing your body to fight infections and heal wounds. When the inflammation becomes chronic it will negatively affect your body. Ginger contains several compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. That means taking it regularly can help in reducing inflammation.

One recent study has looked at the effects of ginger on 247 people suffering from osteoarthritis. During the study period, the participants were given ginger capsules 2 times a day for a period of 6 months. After the study period, those who received the ginger capsules reported a significant reduction in pain. One of the side effects of the experiment was heartburn.

A follow-up study has found that the effectiveness of ginger in alleviating pain was similar to that of ibuprofen.  One other study has also found that ginger helped in reducing the pain by 30 percent in people with osteoporosis than a control group. Since taking ginger can help in reducing pain and inflammation, it is a better natural remedy for gout.

How To Take Ginger For Gout Management?

Many people add ginger as an ingredient in their cuisines. However, a significant number of people prefer taking ginger in the form of ginger tea. According to some statistics, many people in the US have already replaced their morning coffee with ginger tea.

As per the experts, ginger can also be consumed in powdered form, which is available in capsule form. Some people also prefer ginger as a syrup that can be added to flavor cold drinks. One of the easiest ways to use ginger for pain relief is by applying it directly to the affected regions in the form of a cream.