Try These Home Remedies To Treat Gout

Gout Disease
Gout Disease
Gout Symptoms
Gout Symptoms

Gout is one of the most common bone diseases that is caused by the accumulation of higher uric acid levels in your body. It usually affects your feet and causes severe pain and swelling. When the uric acid level becomes high, it gets accumulated on the joints. Some of the common gout symptoms are pain and inflammation.

Here are some of the home remedies for gout treatment.


This culinary food has the ability to reduce inflammation in your body. A study has shown that consuming ginger could reduce the levels of serum uric acid in your body. This study was conducted in rats and the ginger was applied topically instead of consuming orally. You can take ginger for treating gout by mixing it with hot water.


Many people use all types of cherries in their raw, juice, or exact form for treating several health conditions. A study in 2012 showed that cherries could prevent gout attacks effectively. The study recommended any form of cherry for treating gout.

Nettle Tea

It is proven that stinging nettle is an effective herbal remedy for gout because it can help in reducing pain and inflammation. You can use nettle tea for gout treatment by steeping a few teaspoons of dried nettle in a cup of boiling water. Many users claim that drinking 3 cups of nettle tea a day is effective for treating gout.


Hibiscus is a traditional herbal remedy for many health problems. it is said to be effective for gout also. A recent study conducted on rats has proven that hibiscus could lower the uric acid levels and could prevent gout. You can take hibiscus as a herbal supplement or as a tea daily for treating gout.


Many health sites place apples under the list of plant-based foods that could prevent gout attacks. It is believed that malic acid in apples is capable of reducing the levels of uric acid in your body. Eating an apple daily could help improve your overall health.

Milk Thistle Seeds

This herb is mainly used for improving your liver health. A study conducted on rats in the year 2016, proved that this herb can lower uric acid levels and prevent certain health conditions that can affect your kidneys. Make sure to talk with your physician before you start taking milk thistle supplements.